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PhD in Zoology

University of Otago - Otago, NZ
Yellow-Eyed Penguin Marine Distribution

Master of Science in Biology

University of Lincoln - Lincoln, UK
The Global Macroecology of Penguin Distribution and Conservation

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biotechnology

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) – Worcester, MA, USA

Published Papers

Hickcox, RP. et al. (2019). Global distribution of terrestrial penguins (Spheniscidae) and their conservation by protected areas. Biodiversity & Conservation, 28:11.

Ropert-Coudert, Y. et al. (2019). Happy Feet in a hostile world? The future of penguins depends on proactive management of current and expected threats. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

Jara, M. et al. (2018). The macroecology of chemical communication in lizards: Do climatic factors drive the evolution of signaling glands? Evolutionary Biology.

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