Surprised I am alive

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3 Responses

  1. Melissa Gray says:

    Omg stunning pictures, the penguins are gorgeous. I have to say 1 I am impressed you have another mel ???, and 2 I felt like I was right there for every fall and every year. But you did it, you survived. So keep it going, you are strong than you think. Proud of you!!!

    • rphickcox says:

      Thanks, I am proud of myself too hahhahahahah! You follow me everywhere :p

      • Melissa Gray says:

        Absolutely I am following you lol. Because of what you are doing, i have decided i am no longer gonna just stop at getting certified as a vet tech but take to another level and get certified in a zoo. You have inspired me to go for more. I cannot wait to read more on your adventures